Dana Marrocco, PhD

is an author, motivational speaker, spiritual singer/songwriter, and self-help stand-up comedian.  "Dr. Dana" received a PhD in Educational Psychology from Purdue University, specializing in theories of learning and motivation.

Dr. Dana has recently published articles in Elephant Journal and ​Miracles Magazine.  ​Before focusing exclusively on self-help, she was published in major professional journals in her field of Educational Psychology.  Her first book, "TOP TEN LIES WE TELL OURSELVES ~ and How to Stop Believing Them," was released in 2018 by Ixia Press/Dover.  Her message is highly influenced by the metaphysical masterpiece "A Course in Miracles."

As a motivational speaker, Dr. Dana presents regularly at bookstores, churches and retreats across the country, often in the form of musical skits mixed with lectures.  Her unique style of delivery is reflected in her video series, ​"Did You Forget to Laugh?"​In addition, she holds a  teaching spot on the radio show ACIM Gather.  ​She also performs original music with her band, "Dr. Dana and the Infinite Patients."

Connect with her on ​Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or her YouTube ​channel, @drdanamarrocco.